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Krátce - různé

Krátce - různé

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UK Shellfish are cleaner thanks to sewerage infrastructure improvements
Shellfish harvesting areas in the UK are cleaner, thanks to sewerage improvement schemes over the last decade which have lowered average levels of Escherichia coli in oysters, mussels and other commercially-important species and boosted the shellfish industry´s economic value. Addressing the additional pollution risks from agriculture could further reduce contamination and human health risks.
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Guidelines presented for adapting infectious disease policy to climate change
Climate change may increase the risk of outbreaks of infectious diseases, such as salmonella or tick-borne encephalitis. A new study has outlined five main steps in assessing policies to ensure that they can respond effectively to this challenge and highlights the importance of involving stakeholders at every stage of policy assessment.
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Complexity of glacier ice loss captured in new estimates of sea level rise
Greenland´s four major glaciers could contribute 19 to 30 mm to sea level rise by 2200, according to a new study. The researchers developed a sophisticated model which provides new insight into the effects of climate change on Greenland´s glaciers, by capturing the complex processes involved in their movement and melt.
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Fewer indicators may be sufficient to assess soil quality
Although soil quality is best assessed using a wide range of indicators, a smaller set may be more practical and still provide the necessary information needed to choose between land management systems. This is the conclusion of a new study in Brazil that evaluated three different indexes of soil quality based on three sets of indicators.
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Shipping emissions can lead to high local ocean acidification
Strong acids formed from shipping emissions can produce seasonal `hot spots´ of ocean acidification, a recent study finds. These hot spots, in ocean areas close to busy shipping lanes, could have negative effects on local marine ecology and commercially farmed seafood species.
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