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Know-how a zařízení pro optimální management využití zdrojů obnovitelné energie

Know-how a zařízení pro optimální management využití zdrojů obnovitelné energie

Expertise and device for optimal management of renewable energy storage
POD Reference: TOIT20140115001
An Italian engineering SME has developed expertise in managing energy storage for renewable energy systems. It has applied this expertise in the design of a device to optimise the storage and retrieval of energy from battery systems and their integration with the grid. The company offers its expertise and the device to industrial, commercial and research partners working with power electronics through a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

The company has years of experience in engineering projects related to renewable energy technologies and energy storage. It has spent 2 years developing an electronic device to optimise energy flows between the grid and photovoltaic systems or other renewable sources, and from storage systems (e.g. batteries ). The device consists of a custom-designed microprocessor and software, and an inverter. The device allows the storage and retrieval of electricity from renewable energy installations to be optimised according to the variations in energy production and consumption and the characteristics of the energy generation system.

Advantages and Innovations:
The energy flow logic device optimises battery capacity and performance; it has been developed in cooperation with research institutes and universities. The device is competitively priced relative to others on the market.
Stage of Development: Field tested
IPR status: Secret Know-how

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The partner shold be working in power electronics, for which the device and expertise offered will be incorporated. The Italian partner can provide the customisation, adaptation and technical support as required by the partner.

Type of Partnership Considered: Commercial agreement with technical assistance

Technologie / licence / produkt Nabízím technologii nebo licenci
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