zpravodajství životního prostředí již od roku 1999

Britský boj proti nepořádku: Keep Britain Tidy

Britský boj proti nepořádku: Keep Britain Tidy

History spanning more than 50 years

We were formed more than half a century ago by one of the earliest forms of girl power!

The National Federation of Women´s Institutes wanted to tackle the increasing litter problem.

In 1954, led by its chair Lady Elisabeth Brunner, the group passed a resolution to `Keep Britain Tidy´. They quickly got to work in trying to stop littering and encourage a pride in places.

By the Swinging Sixties, we became an independent organisation and received our first Government funding. In 1969, the iconic tidyman logo began to appear on bins and packaging.

A decade later, we were using the media to tackle littering and embarked on a high-profile campaign to get our messages across.

Celebrity endorsement

Celebrities such as Abba, Marc Bolan, Morecambe and Wise, and David Cassidy, fronted up our advertising campaigns.

In 1984, we became a limited company and three years later we became the `Tidy Britain Group´.

In 2001, we had another name change - this time we became `ENCAMS´ - short for Environmental Campaigns. The new name reflected how we had moved on from just dealing with litter. We were now concerned with beach awards and Eco-Schools.

By 2005, the ENCAMS regions dissolved and we started to concentrate our work solely in England.

In March 2008, Phil Barton joined as new chief executive and took over at the helm.

In 2009 we returned to our original and most-loved name - Keep Britain Tidy.

To find out about our current and future plans visit our news pages and read about our campaigns.

Learn more on: http://www2.keepbritaintidy.org/OrderMaterials/Default.aspx


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