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12 ways to use old tires

Got some old tires? Put them to good use with these fun ways to use tires! From furniture to planters, bike racks and much more - create something awesome! .

The ugly journey of our trash

16. listopadu 2017
Shark Diver : Shark Diving : Swimming With Sharks: Anyone can help save sharks .

Why Reuse a Cup

15. listopadu 2017
Do you make an effort to use reusable cups, water bottles and mugs? This fantastic infographic shared by my friend Shane over at Environmental Booty and created .

Proč se stát veganem

31. října 2017
Every single second, 3,000 animals are slaughtered for food. 3,000! Check out the full version of this comprehensive infographic listing the *many* reasons to go vegan: http://veganoutreach.org/the-reasons-for-going-vegan/ .

Před zimou...

29. října 2017
Reuse your toilet paper rolls to make a special treat for the birds. This toilet paper roll bird feeder craft makes a great Earth day craft. .

This map reveals which countries will survive climate change (and which countries are in big trouble)

28. října 2017
Klimatické změny
The Eco Experts and Notre Dame have compiled a list of which countries will suffer the worst impacts from climate change and which will feel a smaller impact. .

Co může za odlesňování?

27. října 2017
Just four commodities--beef, soy, palm oil, and wood products--drive the majority of global deforestation. And consumers can help stop it. .

Global State of Agriculture

26. října 2017
| Geography Education .

H.w paper recycling works

25. října 2017
Do you recycle paper? Here is How Paper Recycling Works. .

Helpful Vegan Infographics

21. října 2017
With a few fun infographics, you'll have nearly all the info you need to get started on the right foot. .

I Didnt Know Animals Could Do That!

19. října 2017
The following graphic shows some of the things that we have in common with our animal friends--and some of the differences that humans can only envy. .

Proč se stát veganem

18. října 2017
This is a beautiful representation of how much suffering can be alleviated from adopting a vegan diet. But you don't need to dive in overnight - even eliminating a SINGLE meat meal in your week can have an impact! .

Solar Fridge with No Solar Panels

17. října 2017
British Female Student Awarded Top Prize by Nobel Winners for Solar-Powered Fridge Invention. Basically 23-year-old Emily Cummins perfected her design which I h .

Proč mít bílou střechu?

13. října 2017
Vytápění, zateplení
Energy saving trip s for your roof and for our planet from Universal Builders of America. www.ubroofing.com .

Jde to..

12. října 2017
Zero-Waste Food Storage: plastic free, green living .

Kdo profituje z recyklace?

11. října 2017
When you look at recycling this way, its no surprise that a strong commitment to recycling will benefit you, your community and the environment. .

Jak prosté...

10. října 2017
How to Make Everyday Earth Day by Irene Lee via neon tommy .

Learn how solar panels work and the benefits of going solar

9. října 2017
Solární energie
1st in Place Home Inspections created an infographic about solar panels that explains how they work along with other interesting trivia. .
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