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Use your power wisely: advice to university leaders from the experts

Four professionals from outside the higher education sector tell university leaders how to dress, deal with press, invest wisely and nurture innovationUniversities have faced an onslaught of criticism this summer, from outrage over the "greed" of vice-chancellors to claims that tuition fees are "blighting young people's futures". The fallout saw Labour MP Darren Jones resign from an advisory board at the University of Bath over revelations about its vice-chancellor's 11% pay rise. Last week, it culminated in a speech from Alistair Jarvis, the new chief executive of Universities UK, the representative body for vice-chancellors, in which he denounced critics of universities as people pushing "misinformation, muddled argument and even a little malicious intent".With a fresh academic year looming, we sought expert advice for university leaders preparing to tackle whatever the new term throws at them. From facing media scrutiny to ensuring your institution isn't funding climate change, here's what the professionals recommend. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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