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Bird of the year: 150,000 votes counted as ibis fans anxiously await results

Three weeks of fierce controversy, a powerful owl voting hack and a strong #teambinchicken social media push have shaped the election campaign for Australian bird of the year, but who will emerge victorious? 8.05pm GMT On Friday night we asked you to send us your bird photos and you responded in marvellous form with photos that, frankly, we had to check to make sure you hadn't nicked them from Google images. THEY WERE THAT GOOD. 10.01am GMT It's time. After three weeks, one automated voting scandal, several social media campaigns and 149,848 votes, we will finally learn who the public has chosen to be Australia's inaugural bird of the year.seeing some fairly suss voting activity on the powerful owl front Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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