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We've trashed the oceans; now we are turning space into a junkyard for billionaires | Kevin McKenna

Experts say rocket emissions affect our climate and cause ozone loss, yet too few people seem to careDavid Attenborough's Blue Planet series raised our awareness of rubbish tips traversing our oceans and choking some of our most beloved marine species.This has led to a global debate about how we manufacture and dispose of plastics. The Scottish government announced that it is to host an international conference in 2019 to discuss action on marine litter. It's ideal territory for any government seeking to be regarded as edgy and cool on this year's fashionable cause. No one could disagree with its aims and purpose and, more importantly, nothing that emerges from it will commit anyone to spending money or risking the growth of emerging industries. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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