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Lead is even deadlier than we feared, but Brexit could put it back in our petrol | Geoffrey Lean

Decades after this newspaper won a ban on this poison in our fuel, there are still calls for more proofLooking back, it seems insane. Bluntly put, we took a known poison and - for three quarters of a century - used it in machines that puffed it out in breathable form. Then we drove them millions of miles a day, all over the world, regularly dosing billions of people with the toxin.Now the full effects of using lead in petrol - surely the greatest ever mass poisoning experiment - are becoming clear, almost exactly 35 years after an award-winning Observer campaign caused it to be banned in Britain. They seem far worse than anyone imagined, and provide a stark warning against cutting pollution standards after Brexit. Last week, a massive new study concluded that lead is 10 times more dangerous than thought, and that past exposure now hastens one in every five US deaths. A similar effect is expected in Britain and other industrialised countries. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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19. března 2019

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