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All care, no policy: Liberal party pretenders exposed | Greg Jericho

On the ABC, the gender gap, climate change and wage growth, the Liberals pretend to care while making sure nothing changesSign up to receive the latest Australian opinion pieces every weekdayIt probably should be no surprise that last night's royal wedding became part of the political debate this week. But the criticism by government members highlighted yet again the Liberal party's policy of pretending to care about something while simultaneously doing everything to work against it.Peter Dutton and Tasmanian senator Eric Abetz bought into the issue of the ABC's coverage of the royal wedding off the back of erroneous reporting in News Corp papers suggesting the ABC had flown hosts Annabel Crabb and Jeremy Fernandez to London in business class. Abetz, who is never one to miss an opportunity to slight the ABC, echoed Dutton's thoughts when he suggested he would "would like to see the justification for flying those two over when there is a crew permanently in London". Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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19. března 2019

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