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Josh Frydenberg wins a battle, but energy war still looms - politics live

The national energy guarantee has passed a critical hurdle, getting majority support from the coalition backbench committee despite Tony Abbott's dissent. All the days events, live 11.15pm BST And welcome to the next battle in the energy war, where Josh Frydenberg is entering the coalition party room with the endorsement of the backbench committee.Well, most of them.According to one source at the meeting, Tony Abbott was opposed and two others, Craig Kelly and Ken O'Dowd, were unhappy but accepted there would be further discussions. Another person present insisted Abbott, Kelly and O'Dowd were all against the package proceeding to the party room with the committee's endorsement.Both sources who spoke to Guardian Australia after the meeting said Abbott branded the government's proposal a "crock".What I'll be listening to in the debate today is how we can do that - how we can have a better control on price, have the same concentration on price as we do on emissions reductions, on we do on dispatchible. This is not a case of being in a team with Abbott or being in a team with somebody else. Not that at all. In fact, I find that, to be honest a complete misreading of it. I'm not in a team with anybody, except in a team with people who are trying to pay their power bills and making sure that the legislation that will be put before the joint party room today does everything within its power to make sure that we maintain the dignity in the lives of people who find it so difficult to pay their power bills as they are." Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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