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Greed is killing Alaska's salmon habitat - but we can still save it | Kim Heacox

Alaska's habitat regulations are sorely lacking, and big oil has taken advantage of that but the grassroots campaign Stand for Salmon is ready to face them downWhen John Muir wanted to prove his theory that glaciers had carved his beloved Yosemite Valley, he sailed north to Alaska and found rivers of ice so massive they flowed from tall coastal mountains all the way to the sea.He also found Pacific salmon, a lifeblood, five species of remarkable fish that leave their natal rivers and streams, go out to sea for two to five years, and return to freshwater to spawn and die. The indigenous Tlingit who paddled Muir hundreds of miles in their cedar dugout canoes taught the California naturalist much about gratitude, and what it means to live among salmon, free of money. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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