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Julie Bishop urges government to do a deal on energy - politics live

Former foreign minister tells her party to do a deal with Labor on the Neg. All the day's events, live 9.23pm GMT Mark Butler has taken Julie Bishop's intervention, asking for the government to negotiate with Labor on the Neg and run with it:Bill Shorten, Chris Bowen and I made an offer to the Government to return to the table and finish the work from three months ago to deliver the National Energy Guarantee. Scott Morrison had said all through the course of this year that that policy had a broader base of consensus than any other proposition he had seen in his 10 years of Parliament, and he and Josh Frydenberg reminded households that delivering the National Energy Guarantee would deliver a cut of $550. We made that offer last week in good faith. 9.12pm GMT Meanwhile, Bob Katter, who is now a very important vote for the government, is sort of on board, sort of not, with the national integrity commission, because: Queensland.He said in a statement: I was one of the two Ministers in Queensland who made the decision to bring on the Fitzgerald inquiry, which changed the politics of Queensland.There were 54 murders or murder-suicides that had taken place in Queensland, and it turned out that they were attributable to one small group of policemen who became known as 'the joke'.If we'd had the Criminal Justice Commission, as we call it in Queensland, seven or more years before, would we have stopped all of those murders?When the Criminal Justice Commission came into existence, it became a sort of 'Star Chamber'/'Spanish Inquisition'. Dozens, maybe a hundred, totally innocent people were hung, drawn and quartered without any real chance of defending themselves. In many of the cases, they were the courageous heroes that had been fighting corruption.One example was the then Premier of Queensland (Joh Bjelke-Petersen) - he was a man of honesty and decency, but there was a person in there that just hated him - and then the newspaper headlines become 'Minister under attack; referred to the Criminal Justice Commission', from then on your name is besmirched.The National Integrity Commission Bill is a two-edged sword and I, of all people, found myself agonising over the vote, because I know how many innocents were sacrificed on the altar of public opinion in Queensland. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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