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Everglades in crisis: can this wetland avert an environmental tragedy?

Climate change and human development have pushed Florida to the brink. Now conservations are finding fresh hope in an unlikely formAt first pass, there seems little amiss in the idyll of Florida Bay. A wedge-shaped expanse of water between the Everglades and the Florida Keys, it is a clean, sun-dappled 1,000 sq mile playground for reddening tourists, grizzled fishermen and loud shirted locals.But the consequences of Florida's century-long attempt to bend the environment to its will aren't hard to find. Starved of fresh water from a reworking of its natural plumbing further north and menaced by seas rising due to climate change, the Everglades and its adjoining bay are teetering at the edge of existential crisis. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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