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Why I'm voting No 1 superb fairy-wren and you should too | Holly Parsons

The lying, the scheming and the intrigue puts storylines on The Bold and the Beautiful to shameIf this was a poll on which Australian bird is featured most frequently on homewares, superb fairy-wrens would win by a mile. Teacups, plates, tea towels and cushions across the country are adorned with their image. The combination of their tiny size (they weigh about the same as a 20c piece), pointing up tail and the way they cuddle together makes them pretty darn adorable. I'm going to argue though that there are many more reasons that you should vote for them in 2019 than simply "they look cute".It is not only the public that is drawn to this gorgeously sweet bird. Superb fairy-wrens are actually one of our most well-studied Australian birds (heck I did my PhD on them). The more we learn about them the more we realise that that image of a sweet happy family unit is far from reality. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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