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On tree planting, we should take a leaf out of Ethiopia's book | Rob Penn

While businesses and charities lead the way, the lack of strategy at the top is shamefulTree planting is suddenly the zeitgeist. Tabloid newspapers, utility companies and oil corporations are pledging to plant trees by the million, in some cases before Christmas. Even the Brexit party is on to it. The Woodland Trust has launched its "big climate fightback". This Thursday, on Channel 5, Chris Packham and John Humphrys host Plant a Tree to Save the World.It's not as catchy as Plant a Tree in '73, the last time tree planting genuinely caught the public imagination. Then, the government launched a national tree planting campaign as a response to Dutch elm disease. Today, NGOs and businesses are leading the way while successive, recent governments have made unambitious pledges, which they have failed to keep. There is no national tree planting strategy in England. It is shameful. Meanwhile, we are losing ash trees by the million to ash dieback. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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