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Australia took a match to UN climate talks as back home the country burned | Julie-Anne Richards

The gleeful coal lobby stalked the Madrid COP25 meeting halls as the Morrison government threw out compassion and international citizenshipI've been at the climate summit in Madrid for the past two weeks. The question I was constantly asked was: "What will it take for Australia to treat the climate crisis seriously?" International friends, colleagues and strangers looked on in horror at the effects of the bushfires and outright amazement at the Morrison government's denial of the link between the fires and Australia's coal industry, and seeming lack of concern at this extreme impact of climate change.Morning after morning I woke to check the news and the "fires near me" app. Seeking updates from friends. Was the Katoomba fire close enough to force evacuation of one? Had another been able to return to their house yet? How was the air pollution in Sydney? Was my partner, who is an asthmatic, coping? Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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