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This can be the year when we recharge nature - and ourselves | George Monbiot

We can keep our eco-anxiety at bay by working to rewild our seas and restore our environmentIt's going to be a rough year. The fatal combination of escalating climate breakdown and the capture of crucial governments by killer clowns provokes a horrible sense of inevitability. Just when we need determined action, we know that our governments, and the powerful people to whom they respond, will do everything they can to stymie it.Witness the disasters in Australia. In mid-December, on the day the nation's lethal heatwave struck, Rupert Murdoch's newspaper the Australian filled its front page with a report celebrating new coal exports and a smear story about the chiefs of the state fire services, who were demanding an immediate end to the burning of fossil fuels. The response of the prime minister, Scott Morrison, to the escalating catastrophe was to embark on a holiday overseas as his country burned. Continue reading...
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