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The Guardian view on philanthropy and the bushfires: a reason to hope | Editorial

In an ideal world it would not be left to film stars to point to the science underlying the climate emergency"You are in no position to lecture the public about anything," Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais told his audience in a pointedly irreverent opening speech on Sunday. By the evening's end, following statements about the bushfires from actors including Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett, he had apparently changed his mind - ending the evening with his own call for donations to the relief efforts. Charitable gifts will no doubt be welcomed by their recipients (a ?500,000 pledge by another Australian actor, Nicole Kidman, emerged on the same day). But the evening's most consequential remarks were those, including Mr Crowe's and Ms Blanchett's, that firmly linked the fires to global heating - directly challenging the denialism of the Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, who, even in the face of record temperatures and unthinkable devastation, refuses to commit his government to stronger decarbonisation measures, or withdraw his support for coal production and exports.In an ideal world, it would probably not fall to film stars to advocate for evidence-based policies to protect the planet from catastrophe, particularly when such policies are supported by the UN and scientific institutions around the world. But while speeches and social media posts expressing sympathy for victims of this and other disasters, or promoting fundraisers and campaigns on other issues, are often and easily mocked, it makes more sense to focus on the policy failures that give rise to such efforts than to criticise pop or sports stars for their philanthropic activities, even when these appear clumsy or self-serving. Continue reading...
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