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Why sushi could be the solution to a sea urchin invasion

The ravenous creatures are destroying vast swaths of kelp forests, which are crucial for carbon storage. Is the answer staring us in the plate? Eating as much sushi as humanly possible seems an unlikely way to help save the planet. But one company is hoping fine diners from London to LA to Tokyo will devour enough uni sushi - sea urchin roe - to help restore the planet's kelp forests.From the North Sea to Tasmania, large parts of these underwater carbon stores - crucial for biodiversity - have vanished, leaving vast "urchin barrens" on the sea floor in their place. In Norway, the expanses of bizarre, prickly orbs are green. In California, they are purple. But wherever the urchins linger, the problems are the same. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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