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Labour can win in 2024 with my plan to tackle the climate emergency | Rebecca Long-Bailey

Boris Johnson is hiding from this defining issue. Labour will win if it sets the agendaWhere is Boris Johnson? As flooding devastates large parts of the north, the Midlands and Wales, the prime minister's strategy is to hide from public scrutiny and hope the whole thing blows over. It's now 11 days and counting since his last public appearance.This is a huge miscalculation. Because for all of Dominic Cummings' talk of "superforecasting", the government is ignoring the issue that will define politics for decades to come: our response to the climate crisis. From wildfires in Australia and the Amazon, to extreme heat in India, to drought in east Africa, climate-induced extreme weather is already reshaping our planet in disastrous ways. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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