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If Jeff Bezos really wants to fight the climate crisis, he should just pay his taxes | Guy T Saperstein

Wildfires are ravaging California and Australia - and local fire departments are alarmingly underfunded and underpreparedIn the wake of the devastating Australian bushfires, Jeff Bezos announced last month that he will donate $10bn to fight the climate crisis. As a resident of California and the former president of The Sierra Club Foundation, I welcome any contribution toward the struggle against our changing climate. That said, my home state, like all communities with Amazon facilities, would be far better off if Bezos simply paid his taxes.If Amazon's properties in California were taxed at their current value, the added tax could help bolster our underfunded firefighters and fix our crumbling fire access roads. Contributing vast sums to the global effort is wonderful, but climate change is a local issue too. Our communities need to be well-funded if we're going to face this threat head-on. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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