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Climate denial is the latest hobby horse of the German far right | Bernhard Pötter

The AfD are using the climate crisis strategically to distance themselves from the established partiesA dead bird of prey lying in the grass near a windfarm is the stark image on the home page of a new German website. "Climate change - we have got a couple of questions" is the headline that greets visitors, but the questioners already seem to know the answers to their 16 questions. "Due to an alleged climate emergency, new laws are to be passed prescribing a new way of life for us, one that will have adverse environmental effects and could lead to the deindustrialisation of Germany."Klimafragen.org is the latest attempt to question the scientific and social consensus around the climate crisis in Germany. The authors, all from well-known climate-denier institutions and conservative political circles, list areas where they say Germany's climate policy still has blindspots, notably over climate models, sea levels, energy conversion and counter-opinions. Parliamentary groups in the Bundestag, they argue, should provide answers to their questions, although some are based on outdated findings. According to the organisers, about 33,500 people have signed up, seeking answers. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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25. května 2020

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