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You know change is in the air when the likes of Ashley and Martin back down

The pandemic has exposed business to such scrutiny that even Britain's high street mavericks are cowedStrange things happen in a crisis. For one, it can dawn on Mike Ashley that pretending that a sports shop is an essential public service is absurd. Friday's apology from the Sports Direct founder seemed to be more about communication - "ill-judged and poorly timed" emails to overworked government ministers - than his original ludicrous attempt to keep his shops open, but it was still an uncharacteristic climbdown.Even JD Wetherspoon's Tim Martin, who has never previously appeared to give a damn what anyone thinks, paused to consider he may have made a mistake. Having announced staff would only be paid until the moment the pubs were shut, he then said they would get their wages at the next payroll date provided the government agreed a reimbursement scheme in time. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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25. května 2020

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