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Single-use plastic's life-saving role | Brief letters

Doctors volunteering in Scotland | Funny female writers | Disinfecting streets | How Boris Johnson can thank nurses | Single-use plasticI note that Dr Matheson, having difficulty volunteering to rejoin the NHS, writes from Dumfries (Letters, 10 April). The organisation in which I work, NHS Education for Scotland (NES), has responsibility for coordinating the recruitment of health professionals in Scotland. The homepage of the NES website has a link called Coronavirus (Covid-19) Recruitment. I hope this is of help to you, Dr Matheson, and, of course, many thanks for volunteering.Sarah GrahamLargs, North Ayrshireo Re Sue Smith's letter (9 April) on funny Guardian women, yes please, more of Nancy Banks-Smith, Lucy Mangan and Grace Dent. But don't let's forget Michele Hanson, whose column was brilliant every time. Do reprint them, but how about a Bedside Guardian of their columns to cheer us in the future too?Judith MilnesFarnsfield, Nottinghamshire Continue reading...
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