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'Lockdown has been a wakeup call for the industry': what next for fashion?

Coronavirus has brought fashion to a halt. To mark Earth Day, we asked sustainable fashion designers, writers and advocates what changes they would like to seeOver the past few years, sustainable fashion has been inching towards the mainstream. Now, given the pandemic crisis, discussion of how to create a more ethical and less environmentally damaging model for an industry that is responsible for 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions every year is more relevant than ever.With much of the usual churn on pause because of coronavirus and many of the cracks of the industry coming to the fore - not least in Bangladesh, where garment workers are facing destitution as big-name brands cancel their orders - some people in the industry are taking this hiatus as an opportunity to reassess fashion's direction of travel. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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25. května 2020

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