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An invitation to the 19th hole for George Monbiot | Brief letters

Opening up golf courses to the public | No more yah-boo politics | Dominic Cummings' weirdos | Birds in the bedroomGeorge Monbiot (Lockdown is nothing new. We've been kept off the land for centuries, 22 April) is clearly not a golfer. Wimbledon Park golf course, shown in the photograph published with his article, was recently sold to the organisers of the Wimbledon tennis championship. In any event, there is plenty of open space in south-west London for all to enjoy, so why not leave us old buffers alone? Perhaps a chat at the 19th when my club reopens might be helpful.Rodney Milne-DayBarnes, Londono I agree, golf courses should be reopened (Letters, 22 April), but only to the members who pay thousands per year to keep them maintained to a high standard. Darren GriceAnlaby, East Yorkshire Continue reading...
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