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Look up, look down: experts urge us to take a closer look at the concrete jungle

Plants, birds, moths and bugs are all waiting to be noticed and appreciated - and photographedRead more stories from our wild cities weekEach morning BBC presenter Chris Packham livestreams wildlife from around his farmhouse in the middle of the New Forest. It's a bucolic setting - surrounded by trees smothered in ivy, primroses and old hedgerows. One of his pleasures is sitting under a hedge and listening to a robin sing. "It's just an eruption, an incredible drive to produce this cascade of notes to say this is my space and my time and I'm going to prosper. It's really pumping it out, it's a fabulous natural concert and it's available to everyone," he says.Packham, who has created the self-isolation bird club with his step-daughter, zoologist Megan McCubbin, can see marsh tits, greenfinches, great tits and chaffinches on his bird feeder. "All of this wildlife is quite literally on my doorstep. This is an opportunity - and we need to be finding opportunities in this chaos - to reconnect with nature," he says. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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