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Cargo ship sailors press-ganged into keeping the world's trade afloat

'Ticking time bomb' as contracts aren't honoured and ports stop crews going ashore even for urgent medical careCoronavirus - latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThomas Stapley-Bunten was due to finish his contract aboard the Al Shamal, a huge cargo ship carrying liquid natural gas, early last month. The ship docked at the LNG terminal in Fos Cavaou, southern France, as planned, but by then the world was in coronavirus lockdown. He couldn't disembark, and international flights were grounded, preventing him from getting home to Newcastle, UK.So the 27-year-old former Royal Navy warfare officer has been stuck onboard as the Al Shamal criss-crosses the ocean from Qatar to Turkey and France and back. The 34-man crew, from the Philippines, India, Russia and Ireland, have had their pay increased by 50%, but they just want to go home. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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