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One wrapper doesn't work for all readers | Letters

Jennifer Lorch is unable to recycle the potato starch packaging from the Guardian's Saturday supplements, Ian Tod would like to reuse it as a sick bag, while Mary Winter received a cover with the wrong messageWhat a relief it was to find last Saturday's supplements in a paper envelope rather than in a potato starch wrapper. I live in a flat and we have no green bin. Determined to put my potato starch wrap in the right place, I took it to the local recycling centre, only to be told that it could not go in the garden waste container as the firm they use for garden waste cannot take potato starch. The paper envelope can be reused or go straight into our normal recycling box. Please use the paper envelope from now on.Jennifer LorchLeamington Spa, Warwickshireo As much as I appreciate the biodegradable packaging around the Saturday supplements, please could you replace it with an essential sick bag for use whenever the government claims to be "world-leading".Ian TodEyemouth, Berwickshire Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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