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Solutions for tracing and making contacts

Recruiting tracers | Rules for contact | Men in tights | A ghastly mix-up | Cuckoo callingWhy is it that the government is struggling to recruit contact tracers (Wanted ads posted in drive to hire Covid-19 contact tracer 'army', 14 May) while there is a mass of people who volunteered to support the NHS, most of whom still await a call? The task does not apparently require any particular skill and should be within the capacity of most people. Why turn to recruitment agencies when a willing force of volunteers is waiting impatiently for something to do?Richard MarshRetired consultant in anaesthetics and intensive care, Ravensthorpe, Northamptonshireo I am afraid Wendy Ritson is wrong (Letters, 14 May). If her son and partner come to meet her in the park, then she will still have met two people. However, if she takes a towel and sunglasses, and they do too, they can happily sunbathe 2 metres apart. She is of course right when she says "you couldn't make it up, but they just have".Mike StevensonSouthwell, Nottinghamshire Continue reading...
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