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A cherry-ripe landscape - Country diary, 2 July 1970

2 July 1970 The view from this stretch of the Medway is one of orchard, hop field and woodland punctuated by spires and towers of churchesKENT: Two young men in a canoe swept by with an easy ripple of oars and I envied them their energetic freedom as I struggled through head-high nettles along the tow-path from Nettlestead. I envied them even more when I met them a few miles downstream as they brought their sturdy little craft to the bank and unloaded tent, tins and stove just as the evening was settling down to a cool calm. Theirs was the way to savour the pleasures of that stretch of the Medway which William Cobbett considered one of the finest in the country. Related: Walk the North Kent Marshes - while the solitude lasts Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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