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You have pesticides in your body. But an organic diet can reduce them by 70% | Kendra Klein and Anna Lappe

A new study shows that US families consume cancer-linked glyphosate in their food. The good news: going organic rapidly reduces levelsNever before have we sprayed so much of a chemical on our food, on our yards, on our children's playgrounds. So it's no surprise that Roundup - the world's most widely used weedkiller - shows up in our bodies. What is perhaps surprising is how easy it is to get it out. A new peer-reviewed study, co-authored by one of us, studied pesticide levels in four American families for six days on a non-organic diet and six days on a completely organic diet. Switching to an organic diet decreased levels of Roundup's toxic main ingredient, glyphosate, by 70% in just six days."If my kids have this much of a change in their numbers, what would other families have?" asked Scott Hersrud of Minneapolis, Minnesota, a father of three who participated in the study. The answer to that question is increasingly clear: a big one. This study is part of a comprehensive scientific analysis showing that switching to an organic diet rapidly and dramatically reduces exposure to pesticides. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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