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A continent ablaze: why fires are tearing across South America

In a 'pattern of total destruction' wildfires, mostly caused by land clearing for cattle grazing and soya production, are wreaking havoc across four nationsPrimatologist Martin Kowalewski is measuring the scale of the fires raging across Latin America not in satellite images, but in the number of caraya monkeys (black-and-gold howlers) that have succumbed to the flames."Of the 20 family groups that we used to trace in the wild, each group consisting of seven or eight monkeys, at least five groups were burned alive," he tells the Guardian. Other animals have also perished at San Cayetano, a nature reserve in Argentina's northeastern province of Corrientes. "Carpinchos (giant South American rodents), otters, two species of fox, guazú deer, yacaré caimans, turtles, snakes. Birds are better at escaping the fire, but that was before all the deforestation. Now they have nowhere to go because there is nowhere else. The forest is so fragmented that they have nowhere to nest." Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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