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What a dump! Why 'wild toileting' has become a big pandemic problem

The number of people doing their business alfresco has shot up. But what else can you do when nature calls and there aren't any public loos?Name: Wild toileting.Age: Dates back to Homo erectus. Urinating and defecating are part of the human condition - "I shit, therefore I am" ("Coshito, ergo sum"), as Descartes almost said - and was undomesticated until the Mesopotamians invented toilets almost 4,500 years ago. Appearance: Don't even think about it.Is there a lot of it about? According to the Lulworth Estate, which manages Durdle Door and the surrounding coastline in Dorset, far too much. It says it saw a huge increase in "wild toileting" when lockdown was lifted last summer. It is calling on Boris Johnson to make responsible tourism a priority when travel restrictions ease this spring. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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18. dubna 2021

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