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Signs of spring in the garden mean one thing: get sowing | Alys Fowler

I always kick off with broad beans, dwarf peas and radishes. Then it's game on for everything elseLet the show begin! The snowdrops are fading, the daffodils are starting to tower above them, the crocuses are running riot, and the lengthening days are slowly warming the soil. These signs of spring mean one thing: it's time to start sowing.You don't, however, have to do it all at once. Stagger sowing and you'll be able to keep a steady stream of small seedlings from windowsill to cold frames to the outdoors. This means there's still plenty of time to plan. One way to do this is to arrange your seed packets in order of which need to be sown first, week by week. If something needs succession sowing, once the first sowing is done, it gets moved two weeks down the line. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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