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Catastrophic fires and devastating floods are part of Australia's harsh new climate reality | Michael Mann

Climate change is making wet seasons wetter and dry seasons drier. Australia must do its part to lower carbon emissions A year ago I lived through the Black Summer. I had arrived in Sydney in mid-December 2019 to collaborate with Australian researchers studying the impacts of climate change on extreme weather events. Instead of studying those events, however, I ended up experiencing them.Even in the confines of my apartment in Coogee, looking out over the Pacific, I could smell the smoke from the massive bushfires blazing across New South Wales. As I flew to Canberra to participate in a special "bushfires" episode of the ABC show Q+A, I witnessed mountains ablaze with fire. One man I met during my stay lost most of his 180-year-old family farm in the fires that ravaged south-east NSW near Milton. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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