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We all learned to love nature in lockdown. Now let's turn that into practical action | Bella Lack

It's time to come out of our bubbles and challenge the way the government is approaching the environmental crisisI became an adult during the pandemic. Because of that, it was a pretty pitiful affair compared with the intoxication of what an 18th birthday is meant to be. Turning 18 is always going to be scary, but it is especially in a society that renders adulthood as something repellently formal.To be an adult is to be civilised. Or so I've been taught. Wilderness is an antonym for civilisation. Since we see "civilised" as being a desirable trait, where does that put "wild"? We look at a soppy dog by a fireplace or a flock of compliant sheep and brand them domesticated, smug in our role as domesticator, not realising that humans are perhaps the most domesticated species of all, with 75% of young people spending more time indoors than prison inmates. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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