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Green issues expose Tory division and loner Boris Johnson's distance from his party | Isabel Hardman

Trouble is brewing ahead of the climate change summit in Glasgow, but the friendless PM appears blissfully ignorantBoris Johnson is a bit of a loner, socially and politically. He doesn't have a clear group of friends. Neither does he hail from a particular political faction. The latter probably contributes in no small part to his electoral success: it's hard to pigeonhole him, much to the frustration of his opponents. The former is useful, too, as he doesn't end up just appointing his mates to jobs. He doesn't really have mates, for one thing. He's notoriously difficult to get truly close to.But there are obvious disadvantages to not having your own tribe. One is that you don't automatically have people who will come out to fight for you when you find yourself in the trenches. The other is that you find it hard to notice when there is a political problem brewing in your party because you haven't really bonded with one part of it, let alone its noisy, often stubborn, entirety. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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