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Ekologicky šetrný přípravek pro čištění forem polyuretanových produktů

Firemní ekologie
Ekologicky šetrný přípravek pro čištění forem polyuretanových produktů
PopisEco-friendly products to clean moulds of polyurethane articles
POD Reference TRIT20131127001

An Italian company, specialized in the production of technical articles in polyurethane, would to make its productive process more eco-friendly.The company is looking for partners to perform a technical cooperation agreement.

The company produces technical articles in polyurethane (screen panels and lining of work tools such as barrels, tanks, wheels and rollers). Products are created through metal or polyurethane molds. The company requests and needs to find ecological alternative product to wash moulds.
Actually it is using solvents and release agents available on the market but they are very dangerous for human health and environment. Furthermore these products create residues within molds that grow of quantity in every casting and decrease the quality of final products changing shape and dimensions of the molds.
The company seeking for alternative solvents to wash molds (in aluminium, iron or polyurethane) which allow to remove residues without change the molds and ensuring environment respect.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought
If possible products should be liquids.
Stage of Development Field tested/evaluated

The type of Partner Sought: industrial company, research organisation

Specific area of activity of the partner: Research and development/ producers of solvents and release agents

The tasks to be performed: the partner sought should be able to develop the technology requested and/or to adapt/test its eco-friendly solvents to manufactured process to perform a technical cooperation agreement.
Technologie / licence / produkt Hledám technologii nebo licenci
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