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New perspective for photovoltaics in Europe

Solární energie
New perspective for photovoltaics in Europe

Through its conferences and exhibitions in Europe REECO has been offering producers, planners, and installers, self-governments and investors, current information and contract platform concerning photovoltaics for 20 years. The exhibitions organized by the REECO Group are respected professional events during which innovative products and issues from the branch of photovoltaics are represented.

The following REECO Group exhibitions will be devoted to photovoltaics: InEnerg(R) RES + Energy Efficiency in Wrocław, RENEXPO(R) WATER & ENERGY in Belgrade, RENEXPO(R) Poland in Warszawa, RENEXPO(R) BiH in Sarajevo and RENEXPO(R) PV & Energy Storage in Salzburg.

InEnerg(R) RES + Energy Efficiency (11 - 12 April, 2017, Wrocław) is an exhibition, where you can find latest information on the Polish PV branch from professionals and experts. For the second time the workshop "Photovoltaics - how to properly install and invest" is organized by REECO and the Polish Society for Photovoltaics (PV Poland).Experts will show proper installation process and talk about errors that should be avoided.

Another event, which brings together specialists and experts from photovoltaic branch, is RENEXPO(R) WATER & ENERGY in Belgrade, which will be held on 25 - 27 April of this year. This event will include, i.a., 1. International Photovoltaics Conference which will cover a PV market development review in Europe and in the world. There will be a presentation of PV development possibilities in Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The International Renewable Energy and Energetic Efficiency Exhibitions RENEXPO(R) Poland in Warszawa, has been the most important photovoltaic branch meeting event in Poland, and beyond for many year. On 25-27 October of this year, the largest number of photovoltaic companies will gather there. For the seventh time, there will be an International Conference on Photovoltaics in Poland and a PV Forum. This will be organized in cooperation with the Polish Society for Photovoltaics (PV Poland). "RENEXPO(R) Poland is a place, where you have to be if you are devoted to photovoltaics and when you are interested in entering the polish market or if you are already operating on it", says RENEXPO(R) Poland Project Manager, Małgorzata Bartkowski.

RENEXPO(R) BiH in Sarajevo creates a platform of knowledge and expertise exchange in the field of Renewable Energy Sources, including photovoltaics in this region. In the frame of the exhibition, there will be a PV Forum, during which the companies will present the latest information and trends. "The Balkan market is not an easy one, but it is very promising, and thus REECO decided to be present there. We want to allow our clients to enter a new market with a great potential, in accordance with motto of REECO Group - we open the door, and we give foundations", says Johann Georg Rohm, president of REECO Group.

RENEXPO(R) PV & Energy Storage in Austria includes an exhibition and conference presenting the Austrian PV market. This year, it will be held for the third time, on 29 - 30 November, in Salzburg. This event became a platform of expertise and know-how. Traditionally, during the RENEXPO(R) PV Energy Storage, apart from getting to know products presented on exhibitions stands, the guests will have the opportunity to take part in conference Photovoltaics in practice for professionals, and energy storage congress.

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