zpravodajství životního prostředí již od roku 1999

Již 112 zemí přihlášeno do celosvětového úklidu v roce 2018

Již 112 zemí přihlášeno do celosvětového úklidu v roce 2018

We're happy to inform you that we're closer to our goal of involving 150 countries for the World Cleanup Day 2018. 112 teams are working hard and with great enthusiasm to make the World Cleanup Day a success. Over the past year, our network has gained 71 new Let's Do It! leaders and teams. Growing our global movement even more is one of the top priority of the Network Development team of Let's Do It! international office.

Countries on board - the full list

You can always see the updated list of countries and teams on our web page. Gray color means we don't have a team set up in that country yet. Help us to find an organization or a capable person to start a Let's Do It! action! Light green symbolizes a country where the team is being set up and where we have a contact actively developing the movement. Dark green shows that we have an existing team there and that country has already set up regular activities. Clicking on the country on the map or typing the country name on the search bar will give you the contacts and channels of the Let's Do It! coordinating team in each country.

To make it even more simple, here's a list of countries we have actively involved in our network now: The Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Panama, Jordan, Ireland, Indonesia, India, Moldova, Hing Kong, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Sweden, Romania, Portugal, Philippines, Nepal, Mozambique, Montenegro, Maldives, Madagascar, Macedonia, Italy, Iceland, Hungary, Germany, France, El Salvador, Czech Republic, Canada, Belgium, Argentina, Algeria, Afghanistan, United Sates, Bulgaria, Zimbabwe, Bahrain, Serbia, Latvia, Curacao, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Malta, Lithuania, Albania, Kosovo, Estonia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Greece, Cypros, Croatia, Iraq, Benin, Denmark, Georgia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Mongolia, Kenya, Costa Rica, Cameroon, Australia, Ghana, Zambia, United Kingdom, Ugranda, Turkey, Thailand, Taiwan, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Republic of South Africa, Puerto Rico, Palestinian Territory, Pakistan, Norway, Lebanon, Japan, Israel, Iran, Haiti, French Polynesia, Finland, Dominican Republic, China, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Swaziland, Myanmar, DR Congo, Botswana, Angola, Laos, Syria, South Koera, Morocco, Niger, Gabon, Lesotho, Namibia, Kuwait, Cambodia, Malawi, Togo, Liberia.

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