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What is Ecotourism?


 Earth was formed 4.6 billion years ago. What have we done with it? The earth. The planet gives us resources to build our homes. There are many things mother earth gives us to appreciate. The Landscape. The Culture. Awesome Nature. We should never take it for granted. Traveling is the best way to explore the magic of our world. Traveling is the best way to experience cultures. However, damage and waste occur because of inappropriate behaviors of travelers. Ecotourism educates people to sustain our environment. Ecotourism educates people to appreciate our environment. Ecotourism educates people to love our environment. What is Ecotorism? Ecotourism is " Responsible travel to natural and cultural areas that conserves the environment and sustains the well being of local people" Here are 3 tips to honor ecotourism 1. Never litter Remove your trash anywhere you go. 2. Respect local traditions and etiquette There are different concepts of time, personal space, clothing etc. which are not wrong, just different. 3. Follow designated trails. Do not disturb animals, plants or their natural habitats. We only have one earth. Everyone needs to be responsible as a traveler. Or we won't have clean beaches to enjoy. Or we won't have beautiful landscapes to admire Or we won't have traditional cultures to experience. Or we won't have awesome nature to explore. Go travel. Do ecotourism. Earth was formed 4.6 billion years ago. What more can we do for it?

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