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Exchange of views (EoV) with the Commission on food contact materials (FCMs)

Exchange of views (EoV) with the Commission on food contact materials (FCMs)

On 6 November, the ENVI committee will hold an EoV on FCMs with the Commission. Regulation (EC)1935/2004 constitutes the legal framework for FCMs. Its purpose is to ensure the effective functioning of the internal market, while providing a high level of protection of human health and it also allows the Commission to set specific measures for any of the 17 materials set out in the Annex. So far, only 4 of the 17 materials are subject to specific measures at EU level.

On 6 October 2016, the European Parliament (EP) adopted a resolution on the implementation of the Regulation. While acknowledging that the Regulation remains a solid legal basis, the EP, however, pointed to the fact that only very few FCMs are currently subject to specific EU measures and, consequently, called for the adoption of such EU measures (prioritising paper and board, varnishes and coatings, metals and alloys, printing inks and adhesives). In its resolution, EP also pointed out other shortcomings that exist in the implementation and enforcement of the legislation in place and asked, among others, for an improved risk assessment, to ensure better coordination between REACH and the FCM legislation (as FCMs are a significant source of human exposure to chemicals of concern, such as perfluorinated compounds and endocrine disrupting chemicals) and to improve the quality of documentation accompanying FCMs in order to verify compliance of FCMs with the relevant rules.

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