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State of play on 4th Real-Driving Emissions package (RDE4)

State of play on 4th Real-Driving Emissions package (RDE4)

On 21 November, the ENVI committee will hold an exchange of views with the Commission on the above. The Real Driving Emissions test procedure is an update on the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) - a laboratory test on a chassis dynamometer that was for years used to measure the emissions of light-duty vehicles for European type-approval purposes.

Given the inadequacies of the NEDC to capture the real level of emission in real driving conditions, an update on the test was launched to introduce a new test involving Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS). The Euro 5/6 Regulation stipulates that the measures necessary to update and amend the NEDC test procedure are to be adopted via the Regulatory Procedure with Scrutiny (RPS). For practical reasons the RDE procedure has been split into four RPS packages:

The 4th RDE package: is currently being discussed in the technical working group on Real Driving Emissions for Light Duty Vehicles (RDE-LDV) - it will introduce a new concept for In-Service Conformity, including the use of RDE testing and the possibility of independent testing. It will also deal with various other technical issues that remained open from the first three RDE acts.

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