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Implementation of the Ecodesign Directive

Implementation of the Ecodesign Directive

On 25 April, the ENVI Committee will vote on the above draft report. The directive integrates environmental aspects into product design with the aim of improving the environmental performance of the product throughout its whole life cycle. The Rapporteur stresses among others the need to fully exploit the potential offered by the current directive and to consider all the environmental aspects of the products in order to meet the new challenge which is the circular economy.

She also recommends to strengthen the decision-making process, continue evolution from energy savings to resource efficiency, improve market surveillance, ensure consistency and convergence between ecodesign and horizontal regulations and to increase synergies with Green Public Procurement and the EU Ecolabel. She also underlines the need to provide the general public with clear information about the benefits of ecodesign, and encourages the Commission and the Member States to engage more actively with stakeholders to improve people's understanding of the legislation.

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