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The EU Forest Strategy - Joint AGRI, ENVI and ITRE Public Hearing

The EU Forest Strategy - Joint AGRI, ENVI and ITRE Public Hearing

The public hearing aimed to provide input to the review to be carried out by 2018 to assess progress in the implementation of the EU Forest Strategy. This joint hearing also provided a platform for annual structural dialogue between the Parliament and the Commission on the implementation of the new EU Forest strategy.

The six invited experts discussed in particular European Forest Governance, the role of the forest-based sector in the bioeconomy and in the rural development policy, and the links between forests and resilient landscapes.

Session 1: European Forest Governance, forestry and forest-based sector in the rural development polilcy

      European forests: EU's most important Natural Capital - M. Palahi, European Forest Institute
      EU Forest Strategy - H. Ganholm, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland

Session 2 - Forest-based sector in the bioeconomy, processing industries and innovation

      Speech - P. Freiherr zu Guttenberg, Confederation of European Forest Owners

Session 3: Forests and resilient landscapes, including biodiversity, climate change adaptation and other threats

      EU Forests and climate - H. Aho, Forest and European Union Resource Network
      Mutli-functionality and sustainability in the EU's forests - J. Bäck, University of Helsinki
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