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Quality of water intended for human consumption

Quality of water intended for human consumption

On 7 June 2018, the ENVI Committee will consider the above draft report. Access to good quality drinking water remains a subject of importance for EU citizens. The Drinking Water Directive (Directive 98/83/EC) is one of the pillars of the EU legislation in the field of water and provides a quality water supply in more than 99% of cases within the Union. However, it has been in force for twenty years and has not undergone a major overhaul since that date.

In his draft report, the rapporteur tackles some areas of improvement, in particular, by updating drinking water quality parameters, increasing Member States' responsibility for compliance with water quality standards, and using the complete risk-based approach as proposed by the Commission on the basis of WHO recommendations. Harmonisation of materials in contact with water, access to water and improvement of transparency on water quality information to consumers are also among the main points of the draft report.

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