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CO2 emissions performance standards for heavy duty vehicles (HDVs)

CO2 emissions performance standards for heavy duty vehicles (HDVs)

On 17 May 2018, the Commission presented its last proposal from the Clean Mobility Package setting for the first time ever CO2 emissions performance standards for lorries. Collectively, HDVs are responsible for 1/4 of total road transport CO2 emissions, or 6% of the total EU CO2 emissions.

The proposal sets targets for 15% reduction by 2025 on 2019 levels, and at least aspirational 30% reduction for 2030, subject to review in 2022. Only large lorries are covered, while vocational vehicles, buses, coaches and trailers are exempted until 2022 when the scope will be extended. The proposal includes a mechanism of super-credits to incentivize the uptake of zero- and low-emission vehicles (ZLEVs). ZLEV incentives are also extended to exempted M2, M3 and N categories vehicles not subject to CO2 targets. Compliance is ensured via strengthened market surveillance - monitoring of real-world fuel consumption data reported by manufacturers, based on mandatory fuel consumption meters, introduction of in-service conformity tests, mandate for reporting of deviations and the introduction of a correction mechanism.

Rapporteur: Eickhout (Greens)

Shadows: Fjellner (EPP), Zoffoli (S&D), tbc (ECR), Torvalds (ALDE), Eck (GUE/NGL), tbc (EFDD), tbc (ENF)

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