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A Europe that protects: Clean air for all

A Europe that protects: Clean air for all

On 27 November, the ENVI Committee will vote on above motion for resolution following a Commission's Communication outlining measures to help Member States fight air pollution and meet their targets, and the enforcement action ensuring that the common objective of clean air for all Europeans is achieved and maintained across the EU. These measures rest on three main pillars: ambient air quality standards; national emission reduction targets; and emission standards for key sources of pollution.

In the draft motion for a resolution, the co-rapporteurs underline that tackling air pollution requires holistic approach and action at all levels of governance. They also recall that cutting air pollution and reducing CO2 emissions from the transport sector are twin challenges in urban areas. In addition, they stress the important role played by the agricultural sector in relation to ammonia emissions and methane. Reference is also made to indoor air pollution, to the importance of improving air pollution science, monitoring and research, and of providing sufficient funding for these actions.

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