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ENVI Members set to vote on COP25 resolution

Klimatické změny
ENVI Members set to vote on COP25 resolution

ENVI Members are set to vote on the resolution on the COP25 Climate Conference. The conference is now set to take place between 2 and 13 December in Madrid, Spain, after the Chilean government - albeit retaining the presidency of the COP - pulled back from hosting the Conference amid ongoing social unrest in the country.

The draft resolution addresses a number of key issues which will play a central role during the December negotiations in Madrid such as the Article 6 mechanisms, climate resilience through adaptation, climate finance, the role of non-state actors, the comprehensive effort of all sectors, and the climate diplomacy.

ITRE and DEVE contributions will also be included in the resolution. Once adopted in ENVI, the draft resolution would be tabled for adoption by plenary at the end of November, right ahead of the COP25.
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